Activities  Available on Site

Group Activities , for Large or small Groups.  Mix and match and build your day.  Perfect for  families groups , hens/stags as well as corporate groups.

Free things to do are playing on the rope swing, and we will give you a slack line for balancing on or take a swim in the ponds or go on a  local walks. Check out Walk  Highlands for our area

Bushcraft (on site)

Group Activities Perthshire in the Woods
LIght My Fire

We can run a variety of bushcraft sessions, including foraging, shelter uilding, natural way finding , backwoods cooking and fire making. These are perfect group activities to include everyone whatever their abilities.

Team Building (on site)

Corporate Perthshire Group Activities
Hoola Hoola

Testimonial - Automated Packaging Systems Limited
Thank you for organising our Eco Adventure. The event proved both challenging and stimulating, and was thoroughly enjoyed by the teams taking part. As we were a partly of mixed physical ability, I was particularly pleased that you got the balance just right between exertion and problem-solving.

Fishing(on site)

It doesnt always have to be a group activitiy

The fishery is on your doorstep.  You can hire rods or you can take up a fly fishing lesson.

We have also been know to swim in the ponds which you are free to do as long as no fisherman are about.

Archery (on site)


We do Archery for beginners and improvers. It is a great equalising sport between sexes and ages. Kids as young as 8yrs can enjoy the sport..

Guided Walks (Foraging can be included)

Pethshire Group Activities - Walking

Friendly , knowlegable and competant is a good way to describe our guides.  This is a group activity that can suit a wide range of abilities. Locally we have the some of the best low level walks in Scotland.   Your guide is well versed in flora and fauna to give your walk that bit of extra interest. Throw in some Fishing and Archery, camping what ever you want. .

Pond Dipping

Group Activities Perthshire Ponds

If you are a school looking for  Group Activities Perthshire that are educational then, fun around the ponds is an excellent option.